WooCommerce Coupons Wildcard Email Restriction


Ever wanted to restrict coupons to a domain instead of just an email address?

Now you can, this plugin enables usage of wildcards for email addresses while placing coupons’ usage restriction.

With it  you can restrict the ‘greenpeace’ coupon only for  ‘@greenpeace.org‘ emails.

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  • Compatible with both URL Coupons and Smart Coupons
  • Easy to use, just inform a email domain like @example.com
    or @subdomain.example.com
  • (One can even inform an email wildcard like test@)

Also works for guest checkouts, e.g. customers are not required to have an account because it is verified against checkout’s billing email.

The actual email wildcard match is done via regular expressions using preg_match( ‘/@example.com/’, ’email@example.com’ )

Here one can test regular expressions http://www.phpliveregex.com/p/jbb online.