WooCommerce Licence Codes


Selling products that require licence codes? Want to use your own generated licence codes?

Look no further, this extension enables you to add licence codes to both simple and variable products.

Works even for variable subscriptions if you are using either  subscriptions from WooThemes or subscriptions from WebToffee.

*** This extension does not generate the licence codes, try this Random Code Generator if you need to create the licence codes. ***



  • WooCommerce Multilingual compatible: Licence Codes are taken from the main language product.
  • Conversio: Licence Codes are displayed within receipt email. Conversio is nowCampaign Monitor Commerce and is untested.


Main Features

  • No configuration required;
  • Input your own list of licence codes per product or per product variation (works even for subscriptions) ;
  • Your licence codes can have HTML on them, just keep at the same line;
  • WooCommerce Multilingual compatible: licence codes will be pulled from main language product;
  • List of available and assigned licence codes;
  • Log of actions: created, updated and assigned licence codes;
  • Email alerts sent when running low on available licence codes;
  • Licence codes have their own section at order emails and view order page;
  • Licence codes show at Conversio receipt emails;  Conversio is now Campaign Monitor Commerce and untested;
  • Allows selling more than 1 unit at the same order, e.g. 3 units of a product will have 3 distinct licence codes;
  • Compatible with WooCommerce 3.0 and tested up to 5.7.0;
  • Compatible with PHP 7.3 and above;
  • Works with or without downloadable files;


Input your own licence codes. 1 per line or several separated by commas.
Input your own Licence Codes. 1 code per line or several codes separated by commas.


List of available and assigned Licence Codes
List of available and assigned Licence Codes


Log of actions
Log of actions


Email alerts when running low on LIcence Numbers
Email alerts when running low on Licence Numbers
Licence Codes shown at order details
Licence Codes shown at order details


Licence Codes can be added/modified/removed at order details page

How do I add or change license codes on an order?

Just edit the order item by hovering it and clicking at the pencil icon.
Remember that order status must be ‘Pending Payment’ to be editable.

If adding a new licence code, then it must have ‘licence code’ somewhere at the first field.

Settings for Licence Code Notifications
Settings for Licence Code Inventory Notifications


Exclusive Section for Licence Codes, makes easier for customers to find them.


Conversio integration: Licence codes are shown below product.