WooCommerce Subscriptions Exporter


Need to manage your subscriptions?

Easily export any WooCommerce Subscriptions data via a CSV file and then import it to your management system.

Works with either new versions 2.0 and above or with older versions 1.5.30 and below.

New plugin version 2.2 can handle more subscriptions per export.


Not compatible with WooCommerce 3.0, and probably never will be due to low demand.


Out of stock


The plugin exports these subscription data:

Subscription Id,
Subscription Status,
Subscription Description,
Subscription Start Date,
Subscription Expiration Date,
Subscription Last Payment,
Billing First Name,
Billing Last Name,
Billing Address 1,
Billing Address 2,
Billing City,
Billing State,
Billing Zip,
Billing Country,
Shipping First Name,
Shipping Last Name,
Shipping Address 1,
Shipping Address 2,
Shipping City,
Shipping State,
Shipping Zip,
Shipping Country,
Product SKU,
Product Description,
Date Ordered,
Coupon Code(s) Used,
Discount from Coupon(s) Used,
Order Id,
Order Status,
# of Orders